When seeking financial advice, it is important you understand the fees and charges that apply in receiving your financial advice. We have highlighted below the fees and charges that may apply when you see a financial adviser.

Initial Consultation

Our initial consultation is free of charge. Our initial consultation involves getting to know you and in addition this will give you an opportunity to meet the financial adviser and understand the potential value add services they may be able to provide you.

During the initial consultation, you will receive the fees and charges that may apply should you want to proceed with the following;

  • The Financial Plan

  • The Implementation Fees and Charges

  • The Ongoing Advice Fees and Charges.

The Financial Plan

At the end of the initial consultation, the financial adviser will provide you with a cost to prepare the financial plan for you. The Financial plan can range from $0- $3,000 depending the complexity, time and effort in producing the financial plan for you.

  • Our FREE financial plan is available for superannuation clients under $50,000

  • Our FREE financial plan is available for clients wanting Life Insurance & Income Protection only.

  • $1,200 (ex GST) Plan Fee for clients wanting advice on how to Build Wealth through Property Investing.

  • $1,500 (ex GST) Plan Fee for clients wanting Wealth Creation and/or Retirement Planning Strategies.

  • $3,000 (ex GST) Plan for Private Wealth clients with Investable Assets >$1m

Please note, should you wish to proceed with the advice that is put forward to you the plan fee will be offset from the implementation fees put in place for you.

Implementation Fee

Once you have decided  to implement the advice provided to you in the financial plan, our implementation fee and ongoing fees stipulated in the financial plan will apply. Our implementation fee includes the following;

  • Investable Assets < $50,000 – up to 3% (ex GST) on Funds Under Management (FUM)

  • Investable Assets $50,000 -  $200,000 – up to 2% (ex GST) on Funds Under Management (FUM)

  • Investable Assets  $200,000 – $1,000,000 an additional 0.5% (ex GST) on Funds Under Management (FUM)

  • Investable Assets >$1,000,000 – Negotiable

Offsetting your Financial Plan Fee

As an example, a client wanting retirement planning advice has $500,000 in superannuation and would like to us to manage his superannuation assets and future retirement plans.  The initial advice fees are summarized below;

  • First $200,000 @ 2%=$4,000 ex GST

  • From $200,000 – $500,000 @ 0.5%=$1,500 ex  GST

  • Total $5,500 (ex GST) – which includes the Financial Plan of $1,500 which has been bundled into the Implementation Fee.

Ongoing Advice Fee

For the ongoing advice and management of your financial position, we have outlined below the ongoing fees and charges;

  • Fee for Service advice only – $200 (ex GST) per hour.

  • Investable Assets  – up to 1.0% (ex GST) on Funds Under Management (FUM)

Using the above example of $500,000, a 0.6% ongoing advice fee to manage the clients superannuation portfolio will cost $3,000 per annum and is charged monthly.

Fees are Tax Deductible

The advice you receive and pay for may be tax deductible which may significantly reduce the after tax cost for your financial advice.

An Investment into your Financial Future

Whilst we receive fees for services and advice provided to you, you should see this as an investment into your financial future. Our financial plan and ongoing advice is designed to add a significant amount of value to your financial position and to ensure you can achieve your objectives of reaching financial freedom.











Complimentary First Consultation

Your opportunity to speak with us about beginning your financial journey.

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