You can start investing at any age and starting from $1,000. It is a common misconception that you need to have a lot of money to start investing. You will be surprised how much a small amount can grow. Investment can take shape in a number of asset classes and investment types. It is important to create an investment plan to ensure future security.

With such a large number of investment opportunities, we recommend speaking to our financial planners to tailor an investment strategy that you are comfortable with. People are concerned about loosing money, however, a diverse portfolio can help protect your wealth from market ups and downs. 


There are four main types of investments, also called asset classes, each with their own benefits and risks. These are:

  • Cash

  • Fixed Interest

  • Property

  • Shares


You can choose to directly invest in each of these asset classes or have your investments looked after by a professional fund manager through a managed fund. Our adviser can help structure a mixture of asset classes that suits with your investment style.


It is important to monitor and review your investment strategy over time to ensure its performance, changing market conditions, length of time you wish to hold the investment are all important factors when investing. Minor adjustments can be made when required, to ensure your investment still meets your goals and expectations.


Contact our team today and they will be glad to assist you and discuss an investment plan that would be suitable for your personal circumstances. 


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