Superannuation is generally our first taste of investing yet many Australians turn a blind eye to their superannuation.  Superannuation is a compulsory payment that an employer makes to an investment account for the benefit of a comfortable retirement. The earlier you take control of your superannuation, the better it can start working for you.


Like many Australians, you may have multiple superannuation accounts or lost superannuation which currently stands above $13b. We can assist you with finding your lost super and consolidating your superannuation accounts. Our financial planners can structure personal advice based on your circumstances to ensure your superannuation works for you and assist you on your financial journey to retirement.


Hub Financial Advice takes into consideration your needs, risks, time-frame and goals to provide you with a strategy to maximize your wealth for retirement. We can also help you with regards to Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF), which can give you greater flexibility, investment choice and control over your superannuation. Contact us today and take the stress your of your superannuation.


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